Spring Cleaning & Forgotten Baubles

If you have a strand of pearls or beads that you no longer wear try updating them by having them restrung and changing the clasp. Or add a few other colored beads to give it a playful pop.


I have gold stud earrings and pearl earrings, I no longer wore so I transformed them into straight pins and gave them away to close friends. It was an easy solution and now they are being loved by someone else.


Is there anyone who has never lost an earring? I seriously doubt it. I did not follow my own “remove all jewelry” advice while swimming in the ocean and lost one of these beauties. While I could have made one to match, I chose to add a chain and made a pendant instead.


Here are single earrings to which we added a bail or jump ring to them for a client. Now they can be worn as a charm or pendant!


Then there are those broken baubles with a broken chain or bail that have been worn with love and are in need of a simple repair to be worn again.


There is also the wonder that happens when a piece of jewelry gets cleaned and its sparkle is restored. I love the sonic cleaner for those pieces that can withstand the heat and the cleaning.  Have you used the baking soda, salt, and aluminum foil solution for your tarnished silver pieces? This video shows a quick method that really works!


As you do your own spring cleaning, don’t neglect the baubles you wear on a daily basis. And remember to get your gemstones checked as they do tend to loosen over time.


I am happy to help with specific suggestions on your forgotten baubles or spring cleaning questions. Share your forgotten baubles with us. Feel free to email me images!

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