Claudia Endler Designs is a modern jewelry design studio in Los Angeles, California. From signature collections and bespoke designs we have created distinctively elegant adornment for some of L.A.’s top cultural leaders, including museum curators, architects, gallery directors, artists, and other jewelry designers since 1999.

Our timeless designs reflect our unwavering belief in the transformative power of impeccable design. Inspired by architecture, art, and graphic design, each custom piece is thoughtfully created by award-winning jewelry designer, Claudia Endler, and our team of skilled artisans. A marriage of precious metal and stone, art and intention, our work embodies the distinctive character of our clients, reflecting their experiences, treasured memories, and personal ambitions.

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Our Location at the Brewery Arts Complex

Redesigned and repurposed this artist gallery space occupies part of the 1904 Edison Electric Company No. 3 Plant which was the largest of Edison’s steam plants at that time. This brick-and-reinforced concrete building was designed by John Parkinson, who also designed other historical buildings in Los Angeles among them the Los Angeles Athletic Club. The building was later absorbed into the property of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery.

The building is now part of the Brewery Arts Complex which was bought and converted into artist studios in the 1980’s. Telemachus Studio designed the interior with a contemporary clean urban design complimenting and contrasting the historical industrial space. Many of the features and existing beams are incorporated into the design paying homage to the past.

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The ethics behind our ideology are embodied in our design work with thoughtful care and intention.

Our designs are ethically produced in Los Angeles, California, with some of the strictest standards for working conditions and waste disposal. We have been working with the same contractors for years and will only work with those that provide safe working conditions and fair wages.

Along with the global diamond industry, we have a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Through measures, like the Kimberley Process, which tracks diamonds from mine to market, and industry partnerships with the United Nations and governmental and non-governmental organizations, the diamond industry polices exports to prevent illegal trade.

We also source ethical diamonds from the Diamond Foundry, based right here in California. The Diamond Foundry reduces the human and environmental toll of the diamond industry by sustainably culturing diamonds, without the destructive use of mining. Click here to learn more about how the Diamond Foundry responsibly cultures foundry created diamonds.

We’re registered with the directory of Ethical Metalsmiths whose entire purpose is to channel information about mining issues and encourage jewelers to become informed advocates for social and environmental responsibility. Each CED piece comes from certified recycled silver, gold and platinum, whenever possible, and we repurpose clients’ stones and metal to provide a better value, contribute to the local economy, create less stress on the environment and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Click here to learn more about Ethical Metalsmiths.

In consideration of our saturated landfills, our shipping materials and packaging are 90% recyclable or reused.