Custom Design

Custom Design:

“It’s all about you. And why not?” – ce

“We love versatility and the ability to tailor each piece to your needs.” -ce

Most of what we do is on an individual basis whether it is inspired from the work we have already created or creating a new design.  People come to us because they want something different.   Something that aligns with not only their own modern esthetic but also incorporates meaning and intention.  Inquiries should be sent to call us at 323-225-5924

Repurposing Your Stones:

“Transforming precious gemstones from jewelry that you do not wear into something modern and timeless that you love to wear is what we call REPURPOSING.” – ce

Do you have an aquamarine brooch that you inherited from your grandmother that is not your style?  The ruby ring your father used to wear that does not fit you?  Or something you purchased that is now no longer your taste?  These are buried treasures that can be re-purposed.  I feel the memories from our past can be treasured.  Along with recycling your stones we transform the piece and the memories.  Move the past forward into the present and the future.

Prince Phillip gave, to his fiance’, now Queen Elizabeth II, an engagement piece that was created with heirloom diamonds from his mother’s tiara.

To learn more about re-purposing, click here.

The New Design Process:

“Every custom piece has a story that is unique as the person wearing it. Having a custom piece created just for you is the ultimate luxury.”  – ce

the inspiration:

You are the inspiration for your custom piece.  After a consultation with Claudia, she will take you on a unique one on one journey of collaboration. The intent is to reveal more of who you are.  Drawing on personal experiences, interweaving your story into a work of art critically made with thought and intention that embodies and celebrates who you are.

“Claudia’s work is a physical manifestation of the beauty within.”

                                                            – Lisa V.


Sketches and images are created to help with visualization. Some sketches are quick sketches and some will be more detailed before the model is created.

the model:

A model is created in hand carved hard wax, generated through a computer rendering or in metal.  This will show you what it would look like before it goes into production.  At this stage we are able to make adjustments.


Your piece of jewelry then comes to life through the lost wax casting process, hand fabricated directly out of your desired metal or a combination of both.  It then is pre-polished by hand, stones are set and a final hand polishing and texture may be added for that perfect finish.


Production time, once the design is approved, will take 4-6 weeks depending on the scale of the project. You are then delivered the piece of art you have been wanting.


Pricing is contingent upon scope of project, materials, labor and design time.

“You are right. Custom design is the ultimate luxury.” – Cathy S.

intention setting:

For those interested in setting an intention or memory, Claudia will create a personalized intention for your design.

To view some of our custom designs please click here to view our custom jewelry portfolio.