The Power of Possibility

A while back I shared about this cross I created for my friend and client, Nancy. She had worn a cross for years as a touchstone and a piece that gave her comfort. Since she lost it, she felt something was missing and asked me to create one of my own design for her.

I chose a negative space cross, with her skin showing through to convey the idea of what seems to be missing is actually there, within her. We talked about what words could describe her intention for this pendant. She had me engrave it with the word, ‘Possibility’ to remind her to have faith and find the strength within her to remember things are possible, even when she thinks they might seem impossible.

Recently she was asked to be the Godmother of her 5-year-old niece, Audrey, who, as a toddler, pressed her finger onto the cross creating its impression on her finger. Little Audrey held her finger up for all to see. In that moment, Nancy decided to have a matching necklace made just for her in silver.

Today Audrey looks upon this gift and feels special. She remembers the impression it made on her as a small child and has begun calling it her power necklace. She told Nancy that together they are now both powerful girls. I was so moved to learn they both felt a closer connection through their necklaces and the idea of “possibility.”

This sweet story inspired me to explore the power of possibility in 2020 –  of wonder, of the things we have yet to discover, of being even more present, of even more creative play.

Whatever your new year touchstone is, may you be open to expanding your idea of what is possible.

Xoxo Claudia

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