My Mother’s Jewelry Box

Of course, the more expensive jewels were kept safe, out of reach of intruders such as myself. Each of these pieces has a story and brings back priceless memories.


This gold coin my father bought my mother on their first trip back to Germany after they immigrated to the US eight years before. The coin has the cathedral of Munich on one side. The city where my parents met, where my mother still had family, and the place she considers home. She wears it on a long chain and it is still close to her heart.


This ruby and diamond ring shaped like branches of flowers, my mother bought for herself when she graduated with her Master’s degree. She had put it on layaway at one of her favorite jewelry stores where we visited on a regular basis. For me, as a child, I thought this ring was big, but not my mother. She’s not shy of making a statement with her elegant, colorful, matching clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Given to her by her father when she was a teenager, this elongated oval carnelian cabochon is set in yellow gold. I was always attracted to this ring, the color and the shape. When I saw a carnelian at a gem fair years later, it reminded me of my mother’s ring, I had to have it! I decided to set it in yellow gold, just like my mother’s, for one of my own signature designs.


My mother is a woman who does not wait for someone to give her jewelry. Still to this day, she procures it for herself and wears each piece with delight. What a wonderful lesson to learn.


Thank you, Mama, for the inspiration and for always letting me play with your jewelry.


I’d love to hear about your Mother’s jewelry boxes! Tell me about your favorite piece.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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