Inspiring Awe and Wonder

“What makes me stop in wonder is usually something so fleeting, like light filtered through tree leaves, or this little guy who posed for me to let me capture his light.”

“A proper symphony always brings tears to my eyes and awe to my soul.”

“The timeworn adage, “Stop and smell the flowers” is something I’ve taken to heart in recent years. Flowers really are an awe-inspiring gift.”

“A warm shaft of sunlight mixed with a sweet smelling breeze always makes me pause and remember the wonder and awe of childhood. When riding bikes, eating popsicles, and playing outside was all that consumed my brain.”

“I grew up on the windy plains of West Texas, where the wind never rests. Since leaving there, I’m struck by the similarities between the wind and the ocean. Raw, ceaseless power, washing over whatever it wants.”

“I always wanted to be a dancer, but my mother would never allow it – probably because she knew I didn’t have the discipline to stick with it. But still to this day, the ballet leaves me feeling blissfully whimsical, yet deeply moved.”

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