Intentional Elegance

Adornment made with intention is powerful. It becomes a potent symbol, a constant reminder, a personal talisman.

Not long ago, a woman came to me wanting a ring. After several conversations about what this ring meant to her, I learned   she was at a major turning point in her life: about to graduate with a Masters degree and shifting her career to a different focus. She wanted this ring to be a visual expression of her next chapter.

We repurposed jewels she already owned and created an intention for the new ring. To anchor the intention, she asked me to create a personalized ceremony – because, after all, we need to acknowledge and celebrate our milestones.

My client invited her sister and a close friend to witness and support her commitment to living her truth. I created a personal guided visualization for everyone to participate in.

After the ceremony, we shared our thoughts and talked about what we each experienced, felt, and saw. Then we unveiled the ring. My client had not seen the finished design and I do  love beautiful surprises, so this was extra fun.

“Very much basking in the glow. There were so many powerful moments for me yesterday, I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and attention to every detail.”  – a very happy client

Learn more about the details of this ring here.

Time and again, I discover just how much living life with intention helps cut out the noise and creates space for elegance to be revealed. This experience was no different. By coming together in community, and with intention, we were all infused with beauty, connection, and a greater sense of purpose.

I’d be honored to help you live into your intentions. Email me to set up a free 10-minute consultation.

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