Introducing: The Power Ring

The inspiration…

Jewelry is a powerful talisman. I have seen this even in my own life. As a talisman, it gives us the strength to move toward our dream of what is possible, strength to overcome the obstacles that may keep us from the path we have committed to.

I first created the Power Ring as my own personal talisman to give me the strength of living life to my fullest potential.

There is something that drives us and moves us. Sometimes it is not always visible to the outside world. Sometimes it is not even visible to ourselves. Sometimes we have to dig deep to find it. When we do, the light is so bright, it expands our perception of what is possible. We become more powerful.

The design…

The Power Ring is a symbolic design inspired by the idea of looking inward, the notion that what we need is already inside of us. The clean and classic lines are innovative, crossing the boundaries of art and design.The stone is set uncharacteristically deep inside its domed core, not immediately visible. The intense sparkle however, reflects on the mirrored walls around it, revealing rays of light, amplifying the scintillation. This reflection can even be seen from an angle.

This modern talisman is meant to emulate the brightness of the sun and the luminosity of the moon with its spherical shape and its intense brilliance, reflected both inside and on the finish. It reminds us that we are connected to the beauty of the universe. Put the Power Ring in the light and you will see for yourself.

The Power Ring is the first piece in this series. It was created with the intention of empowering whomever wears it to reveal, strengthen and celebrate their own unique qualities.

Ignite your power within.


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