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Sunita: Passion

March 5, 2015

What did you want to see reflected?
Myself! I think it is important to be bold and open doors for yourself.

Jane: Carrying on Family Traditions

September 17, 2014

I made a commitment to my family, and to carrying on family traditions. My father’s parents were married for 70 years. They grew up in a small town in upstate Pennsylvania, and when my grandfather went off to medical school at the University of Michigan, his parents forbade him to marry until he finished school.

Lisa: Self, Family, Career

September 17, 2014

The rings represent my commitment to myself, to my immediate and extended family, and to my career. They remind me that my own well-being and good health are essential to a thriving and fulfilling family life and career, and they are a symbol of my commitment to the personal growth of everyone I love and hold dear.

Gina: Rebirth

September 17, 2014

Healing and a new beginning.

Enormous stress and a broken marriage.

Purity of lines. Strong, yet soft. It reflected Claudia’s superb aesthetic and also reminded me of the Art Deco Modernists that I love so much. Confident. Bold. Feminine.

Claudia: A Creative Path

September 15, 2014

I committed to following my dream of having my own creative business, to continued personal growth and connecting to others.

A CED Custom LifeGem Ring

January 21, 2011

osing a loved one is never easy. We all have ways we remember and personal memorials but a relatively new process can create an even more intimate memorial. LifeGem was formed in 2001, specializing in creating diamonds from a lock of hair