Lisa: Self, Family, Career

What did you want to see reflected?

My three custom Claudia Endler Designs rings represent: self, family, career. Each reminds me of a commitment to myself, to my immediate and extended family, and to my career.

What was going on in your life that prompted you to need this reminder?

It was at a very busy and fulfilling time in my life. I had just received a promotion and I was traveling often. Our child was in elementary school and my husband, mom and dad were and are supportive and loving. I wanted to feel connected to them even when I was away.

Why did you choose this design? How does it make you feel when you wear them?

The rings are engraved with my initials and the words “Family”, and “Career.” Self, family, career. They remind me that my own well-being and good health are essential to a thriving, fulfilling family and work life. They are a symbol of how I want to show up for the personal growth of everyone I love and hold dear.

What’s your motto for life and why?

“Take heed!”

My dad used to say it to us when we were younger and they’re good words to live by: Heed your feelings. Heed your love. Take heed, and follow your dreams. And, when life presents a challenge – take heed, roll up your sleeves, and take it on!

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