Summer 2011 Newsletter

“Oh, the summer night has a smile of light, and she sits on a sapphire throne.” -Barry Cornwall

New Jewel

“What makes it a ‘find’ is…I love that I found it!” -ce

Here are a few pieces that have been transformed from the Tucson gem shows. Loved the red agate and yes…pale amethyst. Yes…pale purple almost pink in these slightly polished and cleaved pieces. It is not only the color but the cut of making something a, “find!”

Red Agate necklace with sterling clasp and elements $850

Amethyst strand with sterling element $750

summer 2011 newsletter

CED News

So much has happened this year already! 2011 In Brief:

New York, Women’s Jewelry Association – CED accepts Shining Star Award

CED 6th Annual VIP Chocolate Martini Soiree thanks to the wonderful clients and friends who joined us for a fun evening at Telemachus Studio for decadent chocolate martinis, art by Jennifer Perlmutter and modern jewels by yours truly.

Tuscon Gem Show – On the hunt for what is new at the gem fairs

Our 1st Annual Tea and Treasures Event – Champagne and sharing gemstones from our travels.

Brewery Artwalk – Spring 2011 Artists lofts open to the public.

Our First Curated Art Tour here at the Brewery. We hosted arts and cultural blogger KristinSentMe with a tour of selected artists and concluded with dessert in our studio.

Build out of Atelier Claudia Endler and Cero Gallery took a huge leap forward just in time for Artwalk. See the link to the video painting party shot and edited by John Moody.

CED Press

How exciting! Thank you so much for the interview!

JCK Magazine – Shining Star recipients

U.S. trendy – interview

Natasha Marin – wears CED to the NHMC Gala Awards.

One white dress – interview

Jewellery Business Magazine – Diana Jarett quotes CED about Tuscon

C Magazine – features CED “What’s Hot:Culture”

ChicksWhoKnow – Never Never Never Give Up

Vivendi Fashionista – Favorite Designers Highlight.

KristinSentMe – blog

Spark And Hustle – Daring Doers – Featured on their blog interview as a Daring Doer


As usual I lose track of time at the jewels and gems of Tucson catch my eye. There are so many things that it is hard to choose from. Ultimately I go with my instinct and choose what I like, usually something unusual. This year a noticeable trend in diamond slices that are included with black specs usually carbon and gemstones with the cutlets cut off so they sit flat on top of bracelets or rings or hang from earrings.

I found some unusual shapes in horn, wood and in Einstein beads made from pave stones taken from Einstein’s residence in Switzerland. Stay tuned for finished treasures of these wonderful finds. Pearls of color and shape and size are all around. Look for many more fashions with pearls.

This year we also went off to explore some of the smaller shows where people do come from all over the world to display large specimens of geodes, citrine and sandstone sculptures. You meet many interesting people and see unique materials along the way including meteorite. Gem people come from all over the world, Russia, India, Germany and more. From Brazil people bring human size sculptures in sandstone, quartz and citrine are among those unusual shaped objects that grow naturally.

After our hunt, we had our first Tea and Treasures event at Atelier CED to show and tell the finds of our trip. We talked about the gemstones and shared ideas about what we could create with them. Stay tuned for next year.


“The bangle is so beautiful I am tempted to order a second one for my sister. Thanks so much.” – Amelia

“She loves it. She tried it on. It’s a perfect fit as well. Thanks so much for your card and beautiful rings.” – Alex and Michy

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