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We got the chance to sit down with our friend and creator of our CED promo video, John Moody for an interview about his agency, Mindsoil; our collaboration on the CED video project; and what he’s committed to. Read it all below!

What is Mindsoil?
Mindsoil is a creative agency that specializes in digital films.

How and when did you launch Mindsoil?
Mindsoil was born about eight years ago as a result of working with great production companies. I started buying gear and writing more so that one day I could create the projects I wanted to work on. The creatives I’ve met along the way have become a great crew to call upon.

Was there a specific moment that inspired you to start?
I worked with a development group early in my career. The first time we sold a network tv show because of a pilot I shot and edited, I was hooked.

What type of clients are a good fit for Mindsoil?
Honest, passionate, outside the box thinkers with an appreciation for design and quality coffee.

Do you have a favorite project and why?
Thus far I’m most proud of the content I created for Ocearch. Chris Fischer is one of the most passionate individuals I’ve encountered. The crew he has assembled and the contribution they’re making to the body of knowledge surrounding the Great White Shark is unprecedented. I’m honored to have filmed and lived amongst them.

Is there an underlying motivation, inspiration or philosophy to your work?
Creating content that inspires and generates positive energy. Bringing ideas to life.

Do you have a particular style in which you work?
I like to work smart and small. Planning is where all productions seal their fate. In the perfect situation my clients let down their guard so we can figure out where they really want to go and who they truly want to reach. Then, I take a small trusted crew of talented individuals into the environment so the experience remains as intimate as possible.

Are there any particular designs or artists that inspire your work?
Technology is how I tell my stories, so I’m really inspired by well designed equipment. Innovative gear creates innovative storytelling possibilities. The design of the Red Epic Dragon camera is my current muse. It shoots a 6k image, needs barely any light for a spectacular image and has a color latitude comparable to film. Nerdy enough?

You have been Director of Photography on several reality TV shows. How has that shaped what you do at Mindsoil?
Experience. The type of shows I do usually shoot for 10 weeks at a time, 14 hours a day. Small crew. Highly trained on all technical aspects and workshopped on creative rules for every project. That’s a lot of practice in more environments than I could possibly list. It’s been a real blessing for this Indiana boy.

What is your biggest challenge?
Sleeping. I’m too excited about what’s possible when I’m awake.

What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?
Seeing how content I shot affects people. Tears, laughter, joy. Watching someone react to the work is both gut-wrenching and rewarding. I love that.

How did you come to work with CED?
My wife and I have known Claudia for almost ten years. She’s always been a great friend. In 2010, she designed my wife’s engagement ring and wedding band. Working with her was such a positive experience.

What did you like best in working on the CED video project?
1) Being allowed to film the beautiful jewelry CED creates.
2)The open, honest, fearlessness that Claudia answered my questions with. Getting to know what she truly envisions for the brand shaped everything.
I approach every project by considering what the viewer will take away when they watch the film. If the subject of the piece (be it a brand or individual) is not clear on their goals or target audience, it shows. Claudia really helped that process.

What can you tell us about the production of the CED “About”‘piece?
The project was shot on the Red Epic Dragon over 2 days and edited in Adobe Premiere. All VO was recorded on set. Then, it was sent off for an original score to Juan Suarez of Stone Heavy Sound. The final audio mix was done by Jack Sparks. The entire project was shot in 6k and resized for the current 1080 output. Down the road we plan on putting out some of the behind the scenes snippets so everyone can see how much fun we had.
What is your favorite CED design?
My wife’s engagement ring. Such a clean design. Beautifully chosen stone.

Do you have an ultimate goal you see for Mindsoil?
The goal for Mindsoil is to create films that inspire positive thought and actions for the viewer. If I can help brands reach their goals along the way, I’ll be a happy man.

 What is your favorite inspiring quote?
I’ll have to go with a classic that I’ve always believed:

“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”-Confucius

What are you committed to?
Positive energy.

What keeps you motivated?
Family and friends. Quality design. The sound vinyl records make when you move them back and fourth while tapping a cross fader. Lens flares at golden hour. The sound of a fast motorcycle engine.

What is your favorite food?
Korean. I’m not sure I could live without it now that I’ve tasted it.

What is your favorite place in Los Angeles?
The Grove on Fairfax. No cars, movie theatre, book store, trolley. I spend days there.

How to spend your free time?
Crawling around with my 1 year old, holding hands with my wife, riding motorcycles, turntablism and punching heavy bags.

Do you have a dream project?
I’ve always wanted to find a group of sponsors interested in changing the world kids grow up in. School makeovers, park makeovers, safe places. The money’s there, but the audience hasn’t demanded it yet.

What is a fun fact you can share with us?
Claudia Endler dances like no one is watching.

Thanks, John!

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