Sue: Fullness of Love

What did you want to see reflected?

I wanted my custom Claudia Endler Designs ring to reflect a fullness of love for myself and any future relationships that I may have.


What was going on in your life that prompted you to need this reminder?

I had recently gotten divorced and began a new relationship in which I realized I had no idea what love really meant until I met Brian. When he died unexpectedly, I made a commitment to myself that I would love again, with the same completeness of love I had with him.


Why did you choose this design? How does it make you feel when you wear it?

I fell in love with this ring when I first saw it. I’ve always wanted a simple ring with an Emerald, my birthstone. Brian died just before my birthday, so it was fitting that I bought this as a gift for myself. It makes me feel determined, secure, and committed to the promises I’ve made to myself.


What’s your motto for life?

Love what you fight for, and fight for what you love.

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