Custom Arc Gold and Garnet Rings

Jeff and John were celebrating their commitment to each other, a 10 year anniversary together, and an affirmation of their love and lives together. Based on our Parallel Arc Ring design we created these custom garnet rings to suit their inspiration. John’s set with orange garnet his favorite color and Jeff’s with red garnet set in different ways they give continuity and also self expression of the individual.

“We chose the parallel bands with floating stones. To us, the two bands represent our individual lives, while the stones are a bridge connecting our lives together. We each chose a different color garnet that resonated with us, which are set in different directions. We jokingly say that, as in life, John tows the line while Jeff crosses the line.”  More ….

Contact us if you are interested in creating your own custom to reflect you.     Learn more about our custom design process.

SKU: CUS124.

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