Custom Gold Green Tourmaline Ring

Lisa, a proud Latina living life with a commitment to Passion, the word she chose to engrave inside this “Reflection” ring she commissioned for herself.  We custom designed a ring to include her favorite gemstone shapes and colors.   From a selection of green tourmaline cabochons this 20 ct green tourmaline suited her best inclusions and all.  Lisa is bold and feminine and she wanted something to reflect that.  Set it in warm 14k yellow gold this ring is modern with sleek feminine look.

“I can’t imagine living without passion in my life. It runs through me like blood in my veins. I hope that it is evident in my relationships, my work, my cooking and baking, my dancing, my smile, my laughter and my tears.  That is what this ring that Claudia created, signifies for me.” says Lisa V.

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