Gold Wedding Bands from Inherited Rings

I love, love stories. Perhaps, I am a romantic. Perhaps, I just love believing in love.

Jeff and John were going to make their long-term relationship official by making it legal. Having created their 10-year anniversary bands years ago, they asked me to create something along the same line for their wedding rings. They loved the shape and  wanted the rings to relate to one another as well as accentuate their individualities. Much like the men themselves!

John had recently inherited a three diamond ring from his mother. A large center stone ring with two side stones set with old european cut diamonds. They wanted an updated setting to reflect more their taste. John was to have the larger center stone and Jeff the two side stones. Each taking part of the relationship of John’s mother into their wedded lives together. It was a wonderful collaboration.

Designers themselves, they had input as to what they liked or did not like. For Jeff, the smaller side stones were not to outshine the bigger center stone. We offset the stones both on top and the side edges with a deep, wide bevel. Elevating the ring so it could be worn alone or in conjunction with his anniversary band. Jeff’s ring we created in white gold with a shiny bevel to add a bling factor to the ring contrasting the smooth, textured surface.

John’s ring in 18k rose gold was set with a 1.50ct diamond off center. We added another european cut diamond on the side to match the side of Jeff’s ring. We also melted down John’s father’s ring and had it refined into the same molecules of gold, which were then poured into the casting of his ring. John’s ring carries both his parents’ relationship and their memories, and the intention to love.

While the two rings are very different, they do resonate and connect with each other.

Congratulations to the happy couple as they enter marital bliss. I am so thrilled for them and so honored to have created these rings for them.

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