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Continued Commitment With An Aquamarine

March 15, 2013

I have the best job in the world. I am honored to be a part of their celebrations. Remember this stone? Sunburst Oval 11.31ct aquamarine?

Eyes for Emerald

February 22, 2013

Have we talked yet about how green is my favorite color? I’m wearing it right now, true story. You can imagine my sheer delight when Pantone announced Emerald as their Color of the Year.

The Beauty of Brown

November 8, 2012

Brown has a bad rap. For one, it is the color of some unpleasant things; mud, dirt, dead leaves, mice etc.

15 Million? Pocket Change…

October 24, 2012

On Nov. 13, Christie’s will hold an auction containing one of the most famous and coveted diamonds, the Archduke Joseph Diamond, weighing in at 76 carats.

Prasio-What? Discovering Prasiolite

October 5, 2012

Never heard of Prasiolite? Actually, you probably have. It’s part of the quartz family and some of its other names include: greened amethyst, amegreen, vermarine and lime citrine

Color & Playing with Blocks

September 19, 2012

I’m talking about color blocking here. Drawing connections and crossing visual experiences. Colors have such power. Color blocking is bold and fearless.

Ruby Red Really Rubs Me The Right Way

July 18, 2012

Now that we’re halfway through July I think I should address its birthstone. In case you weren’t aware, it’s the ruby which comes from the same family as sapphires but when it’s red, it’s a ruby.

Colored Sapphires

July 6, 2012

Did you know sapphires come in all types of natural colors? Many are pale blue or nearly white before they are heat treated. Sapphires also come in shades of yellow, green, pink and the rarest orange-pink color of Padparadscha sapphires

Black is Back

June 22, 2012

Well black actually never left. It is always a chic classic and an overall favorite for many. But the particular black I’m speaking about is black onyx. As legend has it, Cupid cut Venus’ fingernails as she was sleeping and scattered them on the shore.