I Planted the Seeds, This is What I Grew

This vacation was my reaping. It reminded me that the world is so amazing and beautiful and I want to see and experience more of it. It was such a nice change to be absorbed in where I was and not worried about what was happening at home in the U.S. I took a much needed break.


While I was gone, others picked up the ball for me and jumped in to help without question when urgent matters arose. Seeds of support that I had sown, came back to me in a very bountiful harvest and I was supported. They were gracious, giving angels so that I could be stress-free and rejuvenate.


Once I replenished myself with rest and a new perspective, I felt able to come back and give more. By being my best self and giving what I can, I receive from unexpected places. This in turn, leads to more gratitude and more giving.


When I share my light, I am shone the light in others. When I support others in their journey, I get supported in mine. When I hear other people’s stories, I get inspired. When I see beauty, I want to create beauty. When I help others set intentions, it reminds me to keep living with intention. When I care for myself, I can better care for others, and in turn, others care for me.


I planted the seeds, this is what I grew.

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