Keep the Light Shining: Year-End Reflections

Sarah McGowan Dear

2018 was a profound lesson in living into a new chapter of life for me and my family. After losing my mom last year, we faced so many “new” things…each one a reminder of her absence, and the reality of all the moments to come without her. But as she always said to me when I was a child, I remember daily to “pay attention”…to my loved ones, to my heart, to the doors that are opening when others close, and to subtle ways I have learned to recognize as her, now in different forms, but undeniably still here, guiding me onward. This year has taught me that without a doubt, there is great magic afoot. All we have to do is look for it.


Jessica Minalga

As life gets busier and busier, I am finding it harder and harder to allow myself the space to rest, slow down, and recover. But when I step outside in nature, I am instantly reminded why it is so important to take that time to appreciate where I live and what surrounds me. Being in the mountains instantly heals me. I live in Montana for a reason and I will take the time to honor that more in the new year and take a big breath of fresh air!

Nicole Jennings

This year, I’ve learned I often toe the line between contentedness and complacency. I’m very good at being present in the moment and satisfied with what I have, which is a great gift. But, sometimes that can lead me into too comfortable a place, making it difficult for me to challenge myself or strive towards a goal.

In 2019, I want to push myself to be proactive, stretch my boundaries, set my aim on new goals. I may fall short, but I think the true challenge for me will be in the striving itself!


May you find deeper meaning, peace, connection, and creativity in 2019!



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