The Men on My Mind

A very pragmatic man, whenever I complained about something, my dad  would say, “Okay Claudia, what are you going to do about it? It is up to you to make your life.” While he hasn’t always agreed with my decisions, he was always there for me. He also used to say, “The only person you truly have to be honest with is yourself.” He taught me that  being honest with myself and taking responsibility for my choices is my job alone.


My husband has lots of ideas on how to solve problems and is a great listener. My man accepts that I am a creative. He also knows how to defuse any situation with humor.


The brother I never had, but found in my long time friend, Michael, has given me the gift of unconditional friendship. We grew up together and I can’t thank him enough for his openness and allowing me to talk openly about my feelings without being judged. And now he’s an amazing father to three, doing the same for them.


Carl was the first man to recognize my gifts and call me a designer. He helped me see myself before I even could. Then and now, I admire his artistic architecture. His resolute character and integrity. And now, even more so, I love watching him step into the role fatherhood.


Gary is pure magic and has found a way to make my three strands of hair look good. For over 35 years, we have chatted and shared while I get coiffed. Truth be told, he is my hero. He and Luis have taken in the children they never had as their own, raising them with love and devotion. They are proof that love gives you courage to go on.


The men in my life have not always said the things I wanted to hear. Thankfully, they have certainly said the things I needed to hear. One way or another, I got the message.


In their own ways they have taught me to love and trust myself, to be loyal and respectful, to have compassion, and to appreciate my life’s journey and hopefully some of the wisdom that comes with it. They show up. And they make me want to be a person of integrity and honor.


In gratitude, Happy Father’s Day and happy June, to the men on our minds and in our hearts.

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