What it Means to Love

But for me, it means starting with myself. I know I’m able to love others best when I’ve given myself some love and grace. Like when my internal critic gets the best of me, I turn that voice lovingly down. Or when I make a mistake, I try forgiveness. Sometimes I just need a nap! These things all add up to having a greater capacity to show up for others.

I believe love is a choice and you have to be intentional about it. It means listening and giving your full attention. And it can mean sharing it with more people than just your partner.

Family, friends, strangers, neighbors, colleagues – we interact with so many people each day, and each one is an opportunity to grow our capacity for love. You could open a door for a stranger, or let someone go ahead of you in traffic. You could smile at someone who looks down, or set aside some time for a friend who is struggling. Listening with empathy. Or, rearranging plans to be there for family when they need you. Love can be expressed in so many ways.

As I continue to be guided by my intention for 2018 of sharing my light, I’m working on all of these things. And I’m curious…

What does loving others mean to you? What does it look like in your daily life? I’d love to hear.

XO Claudia

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